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We have customized many different firearms and strive for diversity with our mission ending with a completely satisfied customer. We cater to the common consumer to Law Enforcement/Military. Our goal is to provide a great product that won't cost you a lot!

For us, it doesn't matter if your a weekend shooter, hunter, competitor, law enforcement or an operator, let us customize your firearm to your liking.


Robert F. Raya Jr., a combat veteran of the U.S. Army, has 20+ experience training with stateside and overseas operations. His mantra is, "Learn what you can and then add it to your skill level. Never be close-minded or think you know it all. You can lie to everyone else, but never to yourself". A patient and skilled instructor, his students always refer him to others. Robert provides that real-world perspective to every class. He has worked executive protection and static security in both the entertainment, corporate, and government industry.

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